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Default Correction

Hi Folks,

I know this thread is a bit stale, but I wanted to correct a couple of things. Cordoba Guitars is a division of Tornavoz Music, located in Santa Monica, CA. We manufacture and import guitars from China and Spain. The company is majority owned by Tim Miklaucic who also owns and operates Guitar Salon International, a high end boutique retailer of classical guitars. We are housed in the same building here in SM.

Tim's design partners are luthiers Kenny Hill, Santa Cruz, and Edmund Blochinger, Germany. Perhaps that is where the German reference comes from?

Regarding some of the comments and experience above, the Q/C of Cordoba Guitars is quite consistent considering the volume of guitars we make and sell to dealers. In fact, the quality of the Chinese made guitars in the Iberia Series is outstanding. There were some Fusion Guitars that had an issue of sharp fret ends. This was related to our partner factory not properly drying the fingerboards on a particular run. We have since purchased a new kiln for that factory to address the problem. It will disappear once the effected inventory cycles through the retail channel. Unfortunately our only choice is to service the guitars as they come to our attention - this is part of the nature of manufacturing in general. Sometimes you don't know, until you know.

One last point --- quality control is always a challenge, but it's not a static event. The guitars are always getting better over time as we continue to grow and reinvest in the company. None of this is to excuse a Q/C problem on any of our guitars, rather it is to say there may be a much better guitar right next to, behind, or near the one with the issues. Also, quality control on value priced instruments is a challenge that cuts across all categories and all brands. That's just part of the nature of the game as evidenced by the posters here - for every bad experience, there tends to be 10 good ones, except negative tends to win when it comes to feedback.

Thanks for listening, thanks for playing.

Jay - Cordoba Guitars
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