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Originally Posted by eyesore View Post
Well i received my Cordoba today . It's just not me. sending it back.Disappointed .I don't like that it is 12 frets clear to the body ,even though it is a cutaway.
Well if you're set on getting a nylon
you'd like cordobas fusion series, they bridge the gap between classical necks and steel string necks. They'll have a radius, they'll be 48mm instead of the 50mm on the gk line or the standard 52mm on a classical, and they have them in 14 fret models and 12 fret models. And they all have cutaways i believe

I have a slight feeling you are someone who doesnt like wide necks either so I have seen some nylons out there with 45mm necks. One that comes to mind was chet akins nylon guitar i forgot who makes it but ill try to find it. it is a thinner body though (good for gigging)
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