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Originally Posted by LemonCats View Post
Wow the gk studio was my first cordoba too, actually specifically the ziricote one! haha
I think about selling it every once in awhile since I still haven't actually learned flamenco yet and it'll probably be a few years till im done learning music theory for guitar and generally easier types of music like blues. But anyways, 16 guitars?!?!??! wat!

I think you'll find the gk studio negra to be awesome! Let us know what you think when you get it!

Ha ha… I've owned 16 Cordoba instruments (guitars, guitalele, uke)… but not all at the same time. The most Cordobas that I've owned at the same time was probably about 6 or 7. I cycle through a lot of instruments... buying, trading, and selling. Cordobas generally tend to be my favorite nylon-strung acoustic instruments, while Breedloves are my overall favorite steel-strung acoustics (I've had about a dozen of those).
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