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Originally Posted by Ernesto View Post
Hello luthiers and experts,
I am considering a custom built with either Wenge or Padouk back and sides. What I am looking for is a strong tone with good reverb and sustain, and some nice overtones and harmonic complexity, without lacking clarity. The luthier I have in mind recommends both, and the top would be Alpine Spruce. I wanted to ask what your experience with the two is, and which you would recommend soundwise. Also, which one has a better, more 'ringing' taptone? Thanks a lot in advance!
Hey Ernesto, Wenge and Paduak are similar in the sense that they both have a very good tap tone which rings. However, what you are looking for with regards to reverb/sustain/overtones/harmonic complexity/clarity is almost entirely up to the builder and what he does with the top.

Since you have already chosen both the luthier and the top, I would say that you have an equal chance with either species. Choose based on your preference in terms of aesthetics and also the price of the up charge. If both are equal, let the builder decide.

Congratulations on your new and upcoming build! Hope to see a thread for it

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