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I'm a photographer by trade but, due to my shooting schedule all but evaporating due to the pandemic, I took a gig with a local liquor store chain.

Traffic in our store is literally non-stop. When one person walks out, another walks in. We even have drive-thru service. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that. I liken it to when my Dad used to tell me he was going to tend bar down at the gun club. Some things just shouldn't go together.

But we're slammed from the time we open to the time we close. Even after we close people come to the door wanting to buy. Last night, a car came to the drive-thru after we'd been closed for almost a half hour. We were there, counting down our tills, and this guy just sat there.

Like, for fifteen minutes.

When he started blowing his horn I opened the drive thru door to inform him that we were closed. I don't know what he was more pissed off about; the fact that he couldn't get his booze or the fact that he looked like an idiot sitting at the drive-thru of a closed liquor store for 15 minutes.

But, yeah, our sales are up. Way up...
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