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Originally Posted by MartinGibsonFan View Post
That NY Times link does not work, I was able to find it but did not read it completely.

If I had a choice between being prescribed blood thinners or drinking alcohol moderately? Guess what, from all the side effects and credibility and track record of health care professionals, guess what I would choose.

I don't trust pharmaceutical companies, i don't trust health providers, i don't trust the media on what is ' HEALTHY ' for the average American (or viewer in case they are not living in the USA)

Typically I take medical advice with a grain of salt but I’ve discovered that a big part of alcoholism is psychological; addiction tends to make people dubious to advice that tells them they need to change their habits. That goes with anything - not just alcohol. All I know about alcohol is that if others see how much you drink and say “maybe you should slow it down” then you probably should find something better to put in your body.

By the way, I find that I hate the way I feel after drinking white wines. I much prefer reds - and in moderation.
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