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The sound I like best from my Eastman archtop using the factory installed Kent Armstrong pickup is through a simulation of a tube preamp in my POD XT Pro rack mount unit. It's mellowed out a little bit and yet it still has a very "Hi-Fi" sound to it, much like the sound Martin Taylor gets. I also play with short nails and bare thumb so that there is not a lot of irritating treble in my sound.

Tuck Andress gets a wonderful sound from his L5 and his Bartolini pickup going into a preamp. He does not use a guitar amp.

From Vintage Guitar Magazine:
"Whatís in you recording rig?

After the volume pedal, the guitar goes into an Aphex 124A interface, which converts the -10db signal to +4db. That goes into a GML 20-bit A/D converter, then the signal is recorded. We record with a Sonic Solutions hard disk editor. I donít use any guitar amps. We just try to accurately record what comes off the guitar and what comes off Pattiís mic, then in mixdown work with reverb and EQ.

In mixdown, we use Avalon EQs for the guitar. Thatís a big part of the sound of the recorded guitar Ė Avalon can do extreme EQing and sound great. Sonic Solutions is a comparable hard disk editor. Itís used more in mastering and Iíve never heard a digital editor sound better."

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