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Default Fingerstyle on Electric Archtop issues

As a fingerstyle guitarist I am finding it difficult to play with index, middle and ring fingers when playing through a pickup. the E and B strings sound harsh if I play a rest stroke using i,m or a with any kind of force when the volume and gain are turned up. My nails are pretty short (about 1mm) so I get a combination of flesh and nail on the stroke, but it almost seems like the pickup is too sensitive if the gain is anywhere around 40% or higher. This makes it hard to use fingers to play solo lines when playing in a group with a bass and drums. I am playing an Eastman AR805CEL (with a floating pickup) through a Fishman Loudbox Performer. I tried running it through a Roland JC40, which helps with volume, but it seems to sound more like an electric through that amp.

Anyone else had this kind of issue?
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