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Default Em6 Eleanor Rigby (gave me a headache!)

Em6 Eleanor Rigby

I was in Em dabbling with “Eleanor Rigby” when I ventured upon that sort of creepy “Em7 Em6 C(or Am or even C/Em -your choice) Em descention.

I wanted to be certain I understood the Em6.

I was surprised to find the chord chart/s (checked more than one web site) did not seem to agree with the 6th chord of Em. Nor did the chord chart agree with the Wwhwwhww “tool”

I spent several hours trying to reconcile my confusion. I have never run into any sort of mismatch or flaw (as I termed the situation for an hour or two) in music theory like this before.

I have come to terms with the situation and understand the source of my headache (which screwed up valuable playing time yesterday) I just have never run into a situation where the actual chord diagram differs from the normal chords in Em. (the 6th)

PS (I stop investigating such issues on the internet when the Jazz guys start bickering! -That usually is fodder for another headache for me!)

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