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Originally Posted by Acousticado View Post
Hey J.R. I just listened to all the tracks in one sitting. You have a unique approach to songwriting and production. I’m not overly familiar with Eno’s Work, but I think BB is right. You have a nice, laidback voice...actually, I’m curious if you have any recordings where you really belt it out in an uptempo piece. I’d like to hear you do that. I’ve only dabbled in recording, just enough to know how tough it is, let-alone play all the instruments for your own material. So props for your effort and art, and thanks for sharing. It must feel good to complete a full album project.
Thank you for listening, Tom! I really appreciate the feedback. Actually, I am a bit of a vocal athlete. I like to sing challenging stuff just for fun when I'm warmed up like early Peter Cetera-era Chicago, Journey, Sammy Hagar, 38 Special, Def Leppard, all the way to Sting and the Police, etc. Lately I have been working on getting that "Man in Motion" St Elmo's fire song right. In my own music however, I don't think I have ever really belted it out as much as I could I guess because I wasn't going for that sound. We will see what I do next though.

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