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I don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but this project is doomed to failure. History has demonstrated that guitar players, as a group, are very conservative and highly resistant to innovation. Many companies who produced cutting edge products which addressed current guitar design issues have come...and gone. Both Fender and Gibson produced subjectively better new models...but the guitar buying public rejected them. These companies learnt their lesson the hard way and now only produce variants of their core models. Steinberger (RIP) has already been mentioned, a perfectly balanced instrument, with a stable neck and you only tuned it ONCE. Then that was followed by Ken Parker who designed the most well thought out, and perfect electric guitar...or so he thought. Paul Reed Smith is on record stating he was very close to going under during the late 90s/early 2000s...and I think we all know the consensus on guitar synths, modelling, robo tuners, piezos and solid state amps!

It would appear that guitarists, as a group, are only interested in guitars designed during the 1950's (Ok I know the Les Paul was designed in 1941, but it was released in 1952!), and amps designed in the 1960's.
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