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New tax rules have kicked in, but there are only certain states that are mandated for the retailer to collect sales tax. Yes, it's impacted my purchases, both locally and online. I'm buying some more small things locally but pressing my regular online retailers for stronger deals and even going to retailers who won't charge tax. In fact, some of the retailers are charging sales tax rates higher than our local rate, which I object to strenuously and act accordingly.

Avoiding the political aspect, as cited in my book "The World According to Vindibona"... I find sales tax an obnoxiously deceptive representation of the rates- as when you pay sales tax you're using money to pay that tax that you've already paid tax on through income taxes etc. So in effect, if you're getting hit with a 10% sales tax rate as we are here... the effective sales tax is a much higher percent when you calculate the gross dollars it took to pay the net sales tax. I call that "tax stacking". I also believe that sales tax hurts poorer folks who have to consider it in budgeting for purchases, while it has no effect on rich folks who don't sacrfice anything to be able to pay the tax. And ironically, there ultimately had to be online sales tax, as repugnant as it is, to level the playing field for the brick and mortar stores who've been slammed with the inequality.
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