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Emerald guitars "woody tops" are actually made of CF with only a very thin layer of veneer fused to the composite that is only there for decorative purpose. These tops are supposed to be as impervious to humidity and temperature changes as their "standard" CF tops.

From what I understood Rainsong is actually using a thicker layer of spruce "cooked" with a layer of CF to make their SFT tops. The wood is used to give a mellower tone to the guitars, not only for the looks. It's also supposed to be fully resistant to humidity and temperature variations.

Another option is the eco-friendly composite used by Blackbird guitars called eKoa. Made of flax fibers, looks very organic almost like wood, and sounds the most "authentic"/wood-like compared to other composite brands. Their latest iteration of the Savoy and El Capitan are very resistant to humidity and temperature changes, but less so than CF (linen is hydrophile after all).

I would have a hard time to pick my favorite brand for composite guitars...
Right now I have a McPherson Sable which has in my opinion the best tone among carbon guitars and a satin neck that is just amazing... but it's heavy, expensive and quite ugly

Emerald has the most ergonomic instruments shape wise, very innovative and bombproof. The X20 is my favorite, and it looks super cool (not for everybody though!). Plus you can chose between many guitars and many options, the veneer, the pickup systems etc...

If money is no object and you don't plan to go for some extreme conditions (I mean really extreme!) I would probably go for a Blackbird El Capitan. It sounds fantastic, very loud and "woody", plays well and looks really good (even more so with a burst!).

Argh, so many choices!!!
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