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Originally Posted by Sesop View Post
Upon deciding to get a cedar guitar, it seemed obvious to go with rosewood for the back/sides, as I prefer rosewood with Spruce tops. When I started playing and listening to clips of cedar with mahogany, (much to my surprise) I started liking that combination more than cedar with rosewood.
Hi Sesop...

It's all about the builder. I love my Olson EIR/Cedar, and I love the Taylor 714ce which is also EIR/Cedar.

Michael Bashkin has built three pretty amazing Honduran Mahogany/Cedar guitars in the past couple of years. I also played a Mahogany/Redwood small bodied creation of his that was arresting. It shouldn't have been as good as it was (kidding).

I played on of Don Sharp's Rosewood/Cedar that was a great guitar too.

It really depends on who built it. Did I say that before?

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