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Originally Posted by Pattern View Post
Au contraire! There’s no such thing as Too Much information. That’s what the internet is for. It is the beginning of a new chapter in human evolution. We’ve become a hive mind enabled species almost. And the butterfly effect is always in play. Who knows what strange topic or sentence will lead to an idea or to x to x to x to The Cure for aids or some great song that people love and sing for generations or cold fusion. The world is vast and strange, take advantage I say.

To the topic at hand...I’m not sure how all you others take care of business but the only thing I touch, prior to The Final Act, is my belt buckle/button or whatever. My hands are in the same state sitting on the throne as they are any other time of day or night.

Prior to any sort of cleansing activity, the guitar is leaned against the wall. Then the first stop is to the sink. My guitar is safe and clean as ever.
Same here. I tried to explain that, but it fell on deaf ears.

Ya know Einstein was big into Gedunken experimenting (thought experiments), and he said that is how he came up with the theory of relativity. For all we know he was sitting on the pot in a quiet bathroom.
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