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Originally Posted by eatswodo View Post
GT for Grand Touring, 40 for the mandated roof height of 40".
It was actually , no higher than 40" . This was mandated by FoMoCo ( Edsel Ford ) . The remainder was an open book .
Of course , the race version being a pure racing design , does not qualify because it isn't streetable as built . But there was a street version that , like the Vector , was a road car .
Yes , the big block Cobra needs to be considered . These Cobras were not modified street cars . They were designed built from scratch to house the 427 engine .
I would still like to put a 400 Ford engine in a Miyata . Aluminum heads and manifold shed just over 80 pounds from the engine and that long stroke crank puts out prodigious amounts of torque . Step on that throttle and feel the Earth move under your butt .
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