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Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Looks great so far, of course, I have come to expect nothing less from the Hatcher Shop!
Thanks Tom,

I really enjoy the process of creating a new design and bringing it to reality.
It's addicting actually!

Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
That Padauk parlor is over the top Mark--love the understated elegance on this one!
Thanks Nemoman,

Yeah, not a lot of bling on this one. As loud as that Padauk is I was actually trying to tone it down a bit with the black trim. I am planning a little gold MOP flourish on 12 fret. I'm working on that today.

Originally Posted by LouieAtienza View Post
Mark, I may be biased, but I love the way the heel transition looks. I remember seeing something similar in some of the archtop work that Mario Beauregard and Taku Sakashta had done. I had also experimented with a similar idea a few years back, and reprised it not too long ago. It does take the focal point away from that former corner and centers it...
Thank you Louie,
There seems to be a lot of contemporary luthiers experimenting with that heel area especially when there is a cutaway. I feel the traditional look is a bit forced or clumsy looking imho. There is a lot of "meat" to work with in that area as the heel block is already there. It's a good area to experiment with design and ergonomics.

Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
What a sweet little guitar!
Thanks Jon!

Originally Posted by invguy921 View Post
Gorgeous lines Mark! Your guitars have a unique elegance that speaks to me...and I think everyone else here as well
Thank you very much Woody. Of my five basic guitar body designs the parlor was the last and most struggled with. I took 3 years to draw a design I liked.
I'm glad it's appreciated

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