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Originally Posted by Mark Hatcher View Post
I am about ready to send the fourth of my show spec series off to the finisher.
I'll do some final clean up and the frets on Monday. This is my Penelope 12 fret model. It has abalone in places I have never put abalone before. The trim is Koa and the elevated neck is Koa as well;

The headstock is my sculpted pillow topped shape. I've never done one in black Ebony before and I can't wait to see how reflections will roll around on that sculpted head plate when it gets back from the finisher.

The black Ebony will get very black under finish but, the Koa will really come to life with more figure and a warmer red color. Here is the back of the neck wet with naptha;

Thanks for viewing!
The side abalone purfling going into the stringers in the neck is just amazing looking! The wild looking padauk and that koa billet are not too shabby either...