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Originally Posted by kitesurfer View Post
I'm trying to do my string homework before I change them. I'm not getting a lot to go on. I don't understand the reasoning for changing out the 6 string pair... I'm thinking i will go with elixir, and order a single string x 2 if i need to, after the fact (@$6 ea) I did this morning re tune to DADGAD and I DON'T get it. every chord I played sounded really out of tune! was this a joke? haha i fell for it, or there something I'm not getting.
You’re going to have to play some games to get Elixirs in the right gauges. Closest I can find is an electric ‘Super Light’ set, which is .009-.042. Either that, or you’ll be buying lots of strings just to get what you need.

Or you can just buy the Newtones, which will actually come out cheaper than two sets of the Elixirs, and be delightful to play. Plus the fun of getting something in the mail from the UK
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