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Managed to make a little progress. I have roughly cut my dried bone for a nut,saddle and a reinforcement piece for my bridge plate. Wow does it stink when you take a grinder to a butchers bone!
Next step is to let the bone dry some more for about a week then soak in acetone for a couple of weeks with regular changes of fresh acetone until the bone is fully degreased.

I have carved the soundboard braces but still can't decide wether to add a tone bar and finger braces or a flying brace over the bridge plate. I am tempted to not add any further braces. The tap tone sounds pretty good to me although being so small I can really tell how much of the bass and sustain I have lost compared to when I first joined the top halves. Plus trying to voice your first guitar is a somewhat ridiculous prospect as I have no idea what I'm doing and no reference points but I am having fun.

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