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Ok, we have the pics, cheers folks for all the help with that although I still don't quite get it......

To answer a few questions and clarify a few things, I am using the brass plate because it is going to be tricky getting inside this guitar from the soundhole as it is pretty small so I thought it best to beef the plate up.

I agree the neck does look good, but more importantly it feels good (I am no expert but have done a lot of work with wood) however the idea that a branch is more susceptible to humidity changes makes sense.

When I said I would scallop the soundhole braces and upper legs of x brace I was kind of getting at a general reduction of mass without hopefully reducing structural integrity.

But what I really want help with is the idea of no extra braces in the lower bout? Just taper the legs of the x and rely on the linings, tail block and bridge? Even though the top around the lower bout is about 2.2mm?

I haven't used any existing plans or books, just lots of reading on the net and common sense.

I was going to use the white oak for the bridge because it it is by far the hardest hardwood I have available and very little money for this project, however if the general consensus is to change for something else and that it will really make a difference, I will see what I can find locally.

Cheers people
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