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Originally Posted by Bruce Sexauer View Post
IMO, once successfully bent, the sides are out of the woods as far as spontaneous degrade is concerned. That said, the tree is is going to stand up to less blunt force trauma than most other woods. The grain is beyond merely wild, it is a totally committed party animal. once assembled, however, I expect this guitar to last as long as any other assuming normal handling.

You are not the only one to mention that my guitars are unusually playable. I do not understand this as they are usually simply set up to what I call "Martin specs". 2/32 x 3/32 at the 12th, and relief as I have described many times. I rarely see another guitar's nut cut as low as it should be/could be IMO, so maybe that's it.
They are *very* well set up, IMHO. Really extraordinary, and it makes playing them remarkably pleasant.
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