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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post

You only check every 20 minutes? You are a patient man.
It should be like the moving map some airlines have on their screens - where you can see where you are along the route. That eliminates the "Are we there, yet?" questions I would like to know where it is over the Atlantic Ocean, when it has landed in New York (that's where the X7 came in), and why the heck is that driver taking a lunch break right now??

So, yeah, I think that qualifies as patient.

I bought my wife a couple of those tracking devices, so she can find her keys. Maybe we can talk Sean into slipping one of those in the box so we can see where it is at any given moment. Too anxious?

On the bright side, we are in the desert southwest, so none of that "let the box sit for 24 hours to acclimate" waits... oh, yeah - it's carbon fiber. Nevermind.
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