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Originally Posted by Alistair Hay View Post
Captain Jim Im glad you got this one.
Dont tell anyone else but this might be my favourite in the set. I hope you will enjoy the little face I put in it just for you.
The select series has been a lot of fun to conceive and Im so happy by the response to it. 4 of the 5 have sold already.
This series really gives me an opportunity to express my creativity and stretches me to keep raising the bar. Its going to be a challenge to keep doing this month after month but thats what makes it fun.
The March series is well under way and will be released on March 16th maybe the date gives a clue to a possible theme.
Captain Jim I think we need to go sailing together, I have a thing for boats you know.
Well, that made my day - thank you, Alistair. I don't doubt that other guitar manufacturers are enthusiastic about their creations and open to their customers' guitar desires... but, you obviously live it. My thanks to you and Sean for the after hours efforts.

Wishing you continued success,
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