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Originally Posted by buddyhu View Post
It is terrific for someone who has been playing for less than a year. I think words like “beginner” and “intermediate” apply to more than the performance of a collection of songs; it refers to a bundle of skills and knowledge. We can’t assess his knowledge from these recordings.

Further, I am not a big fan of some abstract evaluation and generalization. The only evaluation that is useful is the evaluation that helps me decide what to work on next. And we all have things we can improve, all have bits of useful information that we haven’t yet learned.

It’s up to him to listen to his playing and to decide what can use more focus. Our job is to encourage him to put in the time and effort.

Yeah beginner, intermediate and advanced could mean anything depending on context. I consider myself an intermediate player, but I can play some licks and passages that can be considered advanced.
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