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.... Harmony Patrician that bears no serial number, that i can find, and i'm just wondering if someone here can tell by the look of it and its specifics around what years it was manufactured.
It might have a set of ink-stamped numbers and letters in it. Problem is, the ink fades....and I mean to "near-invisible". The serial/model numbers are about 5/8" tall, and stamped on the back and the top, sometimes close to the neck block, but often random places.

The date stamp is a real pain to see. You are usually looking for just one small, faded blue stamp, on the back, randomly placed. Often VERY faded (need maximum light, mirror, lucky viewing angle, glasses, and anything else you can add, to see it). It is a three-character stamp, about 3/8" tall, first character is either "F" or "S", second and third are numbers indicating the year.
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