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Nice - almost wound up with the 3-PU version when I was a kid (about $100 as I recall) but held out for the sunburst Gretsch Double Annie that I still own...

Nevertheless, what goes around comes around - located a '61 Kay Galaxie (the upscale version of your guitar - flame maple body/teaburst finish, single Kelvinator PU, slim neck) for $30 with period (but not original) chipboard case, at a church flea market where my wife and I were booked to play back in December. Sounds great - surprising amount of frequency/dynamic range in that cheapo pickup (I can see why Clapton gravitated toward them in his early days) but needs some work (as they all do): a good cleanup brought it back to good cosmetic shape (had to remove six decades of tobacco-smoke residue and general crud/tarnish), PU surround is crumbling (fortunately those may be available from the new Kay operation), bridge was hacked by some drunken would-be tech in an attempt to lower the action (might need to have one made), and it's missing the pickguard (probably leave that off - the top wood is that pretty) and trussrod cover (definitely want that replaced). Good investment regardless - seen them routinely selling on the 'net for $600-700 in the same condition I bought mine and $800+ restored, so I might bring it back and flip it on a future purchase...
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