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Originally Posted by Gordon Currie View Post
...strum over the bottom of the fretboard, by the bridge, and everywhere in between. It's kind of like having a tone control on an acoustic guitar...
Originally Posted by rick-slo View Post
Strum where you get the sound you want.
Originally Posted by guitar george View Post
You get different sounds by strumming in different places. Its all about technique to get the sound you want for a particular song.
Originally Posted by mcduffnw View Post
...whatever sounds the best and feels best to you is the proper position and technique.
Originally Posted by dwasifar View Post
There's a whole range of different sound characters you can get out of the instrument by varying where you strike the string.
Originally Posted by Larry Mal View Post can think of where you strum as being your guitar's natural EQ sweep.
Originally Posted by MinorKey View Post
Depends on what tone you're after
Originally Posted by gmel555 View Post
I second this. Use the point of strum as a way to get different tones out of the same instrument.
You've been preceded in seconding the point of strum as a way of getting differing tones, and that's pretty much the point of every post so far.
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