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Originally Posted by Silly Moustache View Post
Hi, I haven't bought one of these yet but may I ask a couple of questions?
I'm an old guy with major technofear!

I would like to record elec bass, and acoustic guitar, then add mandolin, dobro, and vocals to play/show on my Youtube channel.

I'm guessing that this machine doesn't have speakers - just headphone outputs, so could it be linked up to some sort of speaker system? so I can play back the mixed channels whilst, say singing in front of my camera?

Also, I haven't got a current smart phone as yet - but I'm currently investigating - a budget Samsung - a20 or A40, Will this be sufficient to run the android App?

Thanks in advance.
You could play the mixed tracks through speakers and record into the mic (or an external mic), but you'd also be recording the other tracks along with your vocals onto the new track. But, sure, you could do it. I know for a while these things had some issues with Android OS phones and tablets, although I'm not sure of the details. I'd just look into it and make sure whatever you're looking at is fully compatible. From experience I can tell you it works brilliantly with IOS...

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