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Originally Posted by sevenpalms View Post
I think you have the right to worry and I feel the same way. I don’t think I would buy a new one right now. Possibly used If you can find a good deal. Everybody has an opinion on this but I look at brands like Breedlove and just hope Bourgeois doesn’t go down that same path.
Meh... Breedlove's biggest issue is their ever-confusing model lineup. As far as quality goes, they've always been amazing instruments. I just brought home my 13th Breedlove today (ranging from their old budget Passport line, to their Masterclass series). The new arrival is a stunning flamed koa Legacy Concerto E that sounds equally as beautiful as it looks. If I wanted high resale value, I'd stick with the true boutique brands. Even though I buy and sell a lot of instruments... I focus on instruments that move me when purchasing and don't factor resale into my decision. YMMV of course.