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Originally Posted by rokdog49 View Post
You just made one of those generalizations you’ve criticized others for. It’s not factual at all.
Your presumption is based on nothing more than your opinion. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with everyone having an opinion.
Yes it is a generalization, and yes I am human with the typical faults including sometimes being inconsistent, But you will find, usually I choose my wording fairly carefully and notice I did say "arguably" recognizing it was an opinion , and it was in response to the generalization quoted, that most people view Lexus as just a "fancier Toyota" which is also opinion and not necessarily factual

But the analogy is questionable in relevance at best and is becoming a distraction.

So back to the actual question posed in the OP . I think the single fact of the partnership with Eastman per se, is at this point just as equally likely to have positive as negative, or no appreciable, effect on resale value going forward.
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