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Originally Posted by tadol View Post
Howard - how long have you been making lignum nuts? Makes alot of sense - just wondering about them long term - I've seen a fair number of ebony nuts, and they seem to hold up great, but only one or two lignum. Do you think the only reason there aren't more is color, or are they harder to work because of the natural lubrication? Any tricks in making the string slots? kinda imagine fine files would clog rather easily -
Not very long. Considering its longstanding use for bearings (ship propeller shafts, turbines, etc.), mallets, ship rigging blocks and belaying pins, etc. and that it is the heaviest and hardest of all woods, I cannot imagine why anyone would think to doubt its longevity. Its waxiness makes it an easy wood to work; nut files clean easily. The same waxiness makes the strings tune very smoothly.
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