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In a nutshell, for the Iberia and Fusion series ...
  • Their tone and volume are usually better than Yamaha - at least the old CG series (111, 131, 151, 171 and 201) which is being discontinued. Don't know how they compare to the new CG series (122 through 192).
  • Their quality can be inconsistent. Examine closely and play before you buy.
  • You'll need to file and round the fret ends. Somebody in the China factory is not doing their job. If you don't know how to do it yourself, this will cost you a bit more.
  • Unlike Taylor, Martin or Yamaha, they're usually included in the the large-percentage (15%-20%) sales at the big retailers. If you can, wait for a sale.
Find a good one at a sale price and it's good value.

That's my opinion based on playing a lot of samples and shopping with and for friends.

Can't comment on the Espana or Loriente line. Haven't had played a lot of samples - just 2-3 from each.
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