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Default Chasson Auditorium, German/Wenge

I have a client who was hoping to come by and check out the construction of his guitar in progress but the timing didn't work out. I thought this would be a good substitute.

He wanted something as easy as possible to fret with shorter stretches so we settled on a 24" scale length and are making it 13 frets to the body to keep the bridge in about the same spot as a 25.4" scale with a 14 fret neck.


-Auditorium Body
-German Spruce/Wenge
-Florentine cutaway
-Cocobolo bridge, fretboard and headplate
-Snakewood binding
-24" scale length
-K&K Pure Mini pickup

These are "it's 10:00 pm and I want to be done for the day" photos. I'll get some better ones up as we go along.

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