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Here is some info I have been able to dig up:
Old Kraftsman ca 1930s-1960s, brandname for Spiegel catalog guitars made by Regal, Kay and some by Gibson. Gibson only from fall 1936 through spring 1937.
Gibson made models have an S-prefix number.
The 2154/8707 16" wide, dot inlay, stenciled vase and curlicues on peghead, Old Kaftsman stenciled in block letters across peghead.
The 8708 16" wide, inlay of diamond with 3 horizontal lines on each side to form rectangle and had Old horizontally across peghead and Kraftsman vertically. It is similar to the Recording King M-5 made by Gibson 16" 1936-1938 and 17" 1939-1941 that included checkered top binding.
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