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Originally Posted by John Arnold View Post
Macacauba, granadillo, and hormigo are all closely related species in the Platymiscium genus. IMHO, they are very close to BR, both in density and tap tone.
I do like the tap tone of Osage, but the bright yellow color takes some getting used to. It will eventally oxidize to a dark brown. Black locust is the other domestic wood that sounds similar to Brazilian RW. Fresh cut locust is more of a greenish-yellow, but it oxidizes to a deep golden color. It takes stain well. Locust has found favor with local luthiers including Caleb Smith; I have built two myself.
Though I do like the finished appearance and the tap tone of wenge, the large pores and evil splinters are a turn-off.
lol, if a builder like you can get splinters from it, then I should probably stay far away from anyone building with it.
Something something, beer is good, and people are crazy.
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