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Originally Posted by Steadfastly View Post
You may find the following video quite interesting.

I was not there like Bob but have viewed the video a number of times.

Here are some of my thoughts :

Ah yes the "Winer Crusade" the fodder of endless debate on GS among experts and amateurs alike .

Seemed to me to be an amalgam of tedious true believer doctrine and tactics , mixed in with some very good points, particularly James Johnston's starting with the red list and his reference to a couple very important points . One very important point that flew by in it's brevity was as he put it "the loudness analysis" in which I believe he referencing the well established point that, if the levels are mismatched almost universally whichever is louder will be perceived to be better.

Then the "steering" comment ...... If you believe there is a difference, then you will tend to hear it. If you believe there isn't a difference then you tend not to hear a difference . In other words expectation bias swings both ways equally.
I'll repeat " Expectation bias swings both ways"

Then arguably his most important point "If you listen at different times (depending on your focus ) you will hear different things from the same stimuli"
I'll repeat "You will hear different things from the same stimuli "
And it should be noted that if this true / Then this can be a factor (to a much lesser degree perhaps, but still present) even in a blind test.

What does the above mean ? IMO it means ...... while being informative , it really doesn't do much to objectively resolve the question of "worth the price ?"
While there is no doubt that in general electronics are getting better and better at lower price points all the time. AND the old adage of the "sliding scale of value per dollar spent" applies...... One should also be aware that the old adage of " You get what you pay for" does not magically disappear simply because we are not able or unwilling to pay, for the more expensive types of gear.
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