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Ok, here are his recs for inexpensive gear:

ELAC speakers (debut series), reviewed here:

Here's the link to Amazon for the speakers

He's also a fan of the Tekton SEAS Pendragon, around. $2500.

I can't more strongly recommend Vinnie Rossi's LIO, a modular component that you can price out:

Now, admittedly that will end up being at least $7500, which is a lot.

So, back in the real world, If I were to really pare down, I'd spend the most on speakers, either the SEAS Pendragons (best sound for the money on the market IMO) or go with a set of used electrostatics, like Magnepan. Trust me, this where spending the most percentage on speakers pays off. $2500 Pendragons could be your Grail speaker.

Let's ignore vinyl input for simplicity's sake. I'm assuming you have a computer, which means you can use that plus iTunes or audirvana to run your digital files. We could find you an inexpensive DAC and a used preamp/receiver (Denon is my favorite, either from eBay or crutchfield.)

I think we could get you through the door for <5k total and you'd have a killer system!

Also, always check Crutchfield's scratch and dent section. Some major deals to be had there. Also Amazon prime closeouts. Focal floorstanders going for 9500 retail is around 17k.

You see where I believe the speaker is the most important part?

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