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in my living room for my tv/dvd sound, i run a 1961 hhscott 299a integrated amp thru two 12" jensens with four tweeters each side. for cd playback and vinyl playback, i use a dual turntable, a sony es cd player, two 1963 dynaco st 70s in mono with each powering a front jbl 4311. there are two jbl 4311s in the rear running two 1963 mcinstosh 250s, early generation SS amps. this all runs from a 1961 mcintosh sx 110 receiver.

for my garage, i'm running a modern cd player thru a 70s SAE mkIVC 100 watt amp into two 1971 infinity 2000a electrostatic speakers. i bought the speakers in a local garage sale for $7.50, replaced both woofers for $75 and did a cap job on them. total was less than $100 and they sound fantastic!

this doesn't count my computer room with my recording and playback system. everywhere i go, there is music!

play music!

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