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Originally Posted by Wasper View Post
Not an audiophile, in fact I didn't even know what that meant not so long ago... but I appreciate nice sounding equipment.

One time I was in the market for headphones and found a forum that was for headphones. I didn't realize it was a audiophile specific forum. I asked some questions on what headphones I should buy , between the few I had narrowed it down to. Heh.... I pretty much got "run out of town".. guess they didn't like what I picked out for myself, lol. That is when I learned what being an audiophile meant... probably not the nicest way to be introduced to that culture, lol

Just took a look and I still had the page bookmarked. This was the site:
Don't feel bad. It's like going to the vintage section of the Martin forum and asking "what does vintage mean." People flip out.

The good news is that AGF may be, relative to that, the friendliest place on the Interweb.
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