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Originally Posted by Dakedi View Post
ok ... this is not what the thread is about so I'll try to keep this post short

If you want instruments with lower frequencies to still be audible in smaller more limited systems the trick is to boost the harmonic frequencies as opposed to the fundamental. What I mean by this is, if you have a signal from an instrument like a double bass at about 40Hz that you want to sound good in a system that doesn't reproduce these frequencies you need to boost 80hz or 160hz or 320hz a bit ... not the 40Hz.

The human ear has a surprising way of hearing these higher harmonics frequencies and 'filling in the blanks' in such a way that it thinks it is hearing the original (but missing) lower frequencies.
Good point and yes indeed I get that, but I was not being that specific, just observing some general differences between full range and limited range playback
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