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Originally Posted by Luke_ View Post
As long as I'm hijacking the op thread here I'll continue a bit... I believe the decision is relevant

I mainly wanna pick out an interface, and mic(s) for my guitar primarily. I have no plan on upgrading my computer in the next coupe.. And by the sounds of it USB will work just fine. I'm thinking 5-6 tracks tops. Sounds like the akg120 isn't of the quality I'm looking for. I'm guna sample some videos of the cad e70's. I like what I've heard with the ADK A6 a lot sounds great. I also like the idea of stereo mics but have no experience with either. Budget vs rec quality is irrelevant to me to a certain degree. I don't mind spending a couple hundred extra if it's worth it.. (I'm sure that's a loaded question) if I went with the A6 would a SDC be a better stereo match for a complete sound or a pair of A6's?

I'm guna research the above listed interfaces, I appreciate all the responses. I'm glad there are those who know more than I do. Sure helps me out
Two LDC's usually aren't used recording stereo acoustics. I think the idea of one e70 and one A6 is another option I will try. Please keep in mind phase issues using two mics. X/Y positioning with a pair of SDC's minimizes that, and then there is the 3-1 rule. measure how far the mics are from the source and multiple x3 for the distance between the 2 mics.
Ears come into play as well and a phase switch on a preamp may help and there are plug-ins that claim to aid with this potential problem
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