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Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
I've only used the mics for acoustic guitar. My needs are for solo fingerstyle; no vocals. I've heard mixed reports about how the A6 does on vocals (I don't believe they were designed with vocals in mind). I really like the A6, I think it's a bit fuller in the bass and gives a smooth and warm recording (compared to my SDC Oktava). Sometimes I like the Oktava SDC in combination with one A6 to add more transient detail.

My Oktava MC-012 is not one of the chinese fakes that GC was selling. It's confusing going through the various model number markings, serial number marking, observable design diffferences, and packaging differences to determine if an Oktava is a fake or Russian made but I'm convinced I have a Russian made mic.
Yeah mixed reports with the A6 on vocals I can understand and such the case with many LDC's,. The manufacturer touted it as a String instrument mic that happens to do fine on Vocals as well.It certainly must do a better job at Vox than what has already been discussed, the AT-2020, and the AKG Perception 120. Both of those thin and tend to be shrill and this I can personally vouch for. Let's look at bang for buck and usability. Just below 200 bucks isn't a bad option(the A6). Great at acoustic and can sound very nice on certain vocals and if it is too neutral or warm nothing a little eq can help. Taming a bright shrill mic much of a harder endeavor.
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