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Mark, nice work, gorgeous wood, fantastic photography. And your clamping cauls are a lot prettier than mine. However, I havequ a couple of questions regarding the function of the lattice bracing. You claim it allows your back to be light and stiff which "allows great feedback to the player as the back will have a very lively feel." Maybe it's your choice of the word "stiff" in describing the the back. I equate "stiff" with rigid, which in turn implies to me a back that would be anything but lively. Could you expand on your original statement? If by stiff you mean it gives the back (thinned to less than "normal") a good deal of integrity I understand that.

Secondly, although the lattice bracing is definitely eye-catching, I don't see its superiority over the traditional system for going to the additional time it much take to accomplish that system. You cited its function of stabilizing highly figured backs. However, I've always just used "ladder" bracing for my backs, and have never had a problem with highly figured woods like quilted sapele and ziricote. I've just made certain they've been well-seasoned before using them. Thanks.

Once again, nice work.
Michael Propsom
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