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Jay, I appreciate your comments here. They show respect for us guitarists and a sincere concern for the quality of your company's guitars. However, I have to echo GuitarVlog's comments in regard to the Fusion models I sampled. As I noted earlier, I'm happy with my Fusion and felt that the C5-CE I owned briefly was also built well (I returned it solely to get a crossover).

However, I bought my Fusion about 6-8 months ago. The other two Fusions I looked at were both brand new in the box, and both had a neck angle that was less than satisfactory. Such a problem is not uncommon in loss leaders, but as you know, the Fusion is no loss leader. I understand that those two Fusions could have been aberrations that just happened to appear in the same store, but Fusions aren't easy to come by except online, and had it not been for the third one (which was a floor model) I'd own something else today. I believe you're sincere about addressing QC problems, but if it hadn't been for that third Fusion, I'd own something else today.

I'm not intereted in dog-piling and hope my post here doesn't come across that way. I just want you to know that my experience was real, and it was not influenced by comparisons to other, more expensive guitars.
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