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Smile Kraut 00

Originally Posted by bmh1 View Post
My first experience of high end guitars was Woodstock, back in like 2012 and I met Ray and played one of the 00 guitars he brought. It was an amazing guitar and I loved the feel and the tone of it! And the beauty of his builds! And this one is going to be another special one! Thanks for sharing it with us-

Thanks so much Beth! I couldn't agree more with your assessment of Ray's guitars.

Originally Posted by Carmel Cedar View Post
John, regrettably the green-themed 00 is not mine, as it's a gorgeous guitar. I have one of Ray's two first 00's ever made (the bird's-eye maple one he brought to Woodstock in 2015 - being played in this video: Tone is just divine! Cool to own the 'first' 00 he built.

Look forward to seeing your build's progress as you make yourself at home in Ray's shop. Awesome that you live there and can watch your guitar come to life!
Thanks Carmel Cedar. Ray has some gorgeous maple, and I definitely prefer the bird's-eye maple. Sound like you snagged a really great guitar there!

Yes, being able to watch Ray build guitars is quite a privilege.
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