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Originally Posted by benbenbenben View Post
What a great topic, the quality of your picture is really great! I'm impatient to see the rest!
Thanks! Pictures have never been my strong point but I'm working on it...

Originally Posted by Richard Mott View Post
Hi, just saw this lovely build and noticed that the plan is to have a wenge fingerboard. It's something you might want think hard about. The lighter wood in wenge between the hard dark chocolate colored lines can be very soft and wears easily. My brother has a wenge-topped electric and the where it is handled or touched often the soft wenge wood literally wore away leaving dark ridges. Even hard tight-grained woods like ebony can wear out "finger troughs" on the fretboard over time. If you do go ahead with wenge, maybe consider some kind of epoxy finish so it doesn't wear away. --Richard
Thanks for pointing that out, Richard. We are discussing it now but I had asked Bob about his left hand technique in relation to recessed marker dots and my impression was that he doesn't dig into the board. And for someone who really digs in, any wood will groove eventually but it's certainly good to figure out ahead of time and ebony is still an option.

I just sent Bob some shots of the full rosette. Now we need to decide the location of the dovetail in relation to the center seam. Lining up with the shoulder gives it more movement (visual tension ) while centering the tail on the seam is more symmetrical. I'm always amazed at how the smallest decisions can have a big impact.
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