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Originally Posted by UncleJesse View Post
Lol! If you've seen the way some guys buy guitars you'd think this might be true.
I'm glad you saw the humor in my post!

I saw Mandolin Orange at Old Settlers last April, and they were maybe my favorite - the Lone Bellow's performance might have been more exciting. Anyway, I love their music. (I think the NC governor's mansion vid has been posted here - if not, go find it!)

I'm pretty squarely in the "not the arrow" crowd. Yes, it helps to have an instrument that is the correct type and set up/voiced right if you really want to mimic a specific player, but the technique is going to be pretty effective on lots of instruments, and the D-18 the OP has in his list should be good for a start. (I'd put mediums on if not already.)

P.S. Maybe start saving for the Pre*War, or at least a nice old D-28!
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