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Congrats! You may find that the GigPro is unnecessary if you use your pedal board and have a tuner pedal with a 1M Ohm input impedance. It cleans up the signal nicely. Otherwise, you found what a lot of us have discovered. K&K is one the of the best solutions if you want to keep next to nothing inside the guitar.

I have K&K in my D-28 Marquis, because I want as little as possible in that guitar. I have the Schatten HFN (MiSi Active) in my 12 string because I need more high end response and resonance. Although, I may switch that out for an active K&K system in the future. I have a HD-28E Retro with the Fishman Aura Plus system for gigs because it's the most "bullet proof" system I've used on stage.
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