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Guitar bought!

Thanks all for your advice, but I've retreated from the confusing decisions about used Ramirez guitars on ebay. The prices (at the moment) didn't seem like great bargains, and all the ones I saw were collection only (tricky for me atm). Plus there's the issue of inflation due to the name, which is not a primary concern for me. I doubt I'll ever be selling this guitar.

I had Cordoba in mind as second choice from the start, having seen so many recommendations for the C9 and C10 in particular. The combination of cedar and mahogany on the C9 appealed, as did the slightly cheaper price.

For the last few days I had my eye on a used store demo C9 for 799 - just one very tiny ding on one edge - and then an offer appeared on new ones for 788 (UK store, delivery and case included). SOLD! It should arrive Thursday.

I may post photos here, although I'm sure you all know what C9s look like...
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